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Here we see a group of girls with lovely smiles flashing for the camera. Exuding a sort of exuberance and vivaciousness all around, only real Pakistani girls can manage to look this good.

Beautiful female form in the winter sun…what more can you ask for? Two pretty friends posing for the camera in what is a rather grainy photograph. One wear’s spectacles while the other wears only a smile.

This is a cute picture and one we thought definitely deserved to be up here. Wardah, the hot babe from Lahore appears again in another picture. Here she’s seen wearing a pink shalwar kameez posing in front of a mirror.

Wardah is studying at the University of South Asia and enjoys posing for the camera. We wish her the best for her future and hope she keeps sending us these cool pics! Here we see Wardah, a sweet lass from the ancient city of Lahore. Wearing a large pendant medallion in a bright green costume, we find this chick looking sweet with a naughty smile about her face.

She’s also wearing a tiny nose stud known as a “koka”. A lovely lady has sent this black and white image of herself. Named, Aroos, she’s got stunning eyes and a flawless skin to match. Tied hair and large earrings create a rather regal, exotic impression.

Though this picture leaves much to the imagination, Aroos is looking wonderfully photogenic. A cute babe from Peshawar is seen posing here for the camera in what appears to be a self shot. Peshawar girls are renowned for their good looks and fair complexion. This lady appears to have some very attractive facial features, including lovely eyes and lashes (are they real?). She’s also wearing pink lip gloss. Here’s the lovely Saleema in another shot, wearing a dark top and looking absolutely fabulous. Karachi has its fair share of beauties, and this medical student is no exception.

Also conspicuous is her ochre hued earring, nicely complementing her beautiful tied hair. A rather pretty lady from Karachi has sent us her pictures. A medical student in Karachi, she’s sporting a rather cute nose ring.

Her name is Saleema, and she seems to be wearing a lab coat and is looking very attractive indeed! We’ll be putting up more pics of her shortly. Zunaira has sent her pictures to us without specifying which city in Pakistan she’s from. This looks like a somewhat professionally done photoshoot.

In some of the pictures we see Zunaira wearing a Pakistani shalwar kameez suit, while in othes she’s sporting a western front-button down shirt. We think she’s rather cute - what about you? Two beautiful Pakistani girls striking a reclining pose. One of them seems lost in thought, while the other flashes a mysterious smile.

Pakistani girls are amongst the most attractive females in the world, as is evident from this rather vivid picture.


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